Director of the Chaverim Teen Program at the Sonoma County JCC

Rick has been the Teen Rebbe of Sonoma County for over 25 years. He has put his heart and soul into all the programs he leads whether it be Kehilah, Chaverim, Camp Chai and various other programs and events. He is creative, Jewishly knowledgeable, psychologically sophisticated and most importantly, he cares deeply for the kids always going the extra mile to be of assistance to them, their families and the organizations that serve them.

Rick naturally connects with the teens; he’s able to engage them on a number of levels and keep them connected over time. He is also excellent in crisis. Rick’s strength is in building community and values clarification. Over the years he has deepened his Jewish knowledge and his ability to bring it into the classroom. More than anything else, Rick knows how to create a safe, Jewish environment where teens come together, be vulnerable, find support and connect to their Jewish roots. This is a precious gift to the teens and to our community.

This information was taken directly from the Award recipient’s nomination, and are the words of their colleagues.