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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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Our Stories

Expanding our reach to engage Jewish teens

When it comes to effectively engaging Jewish teens, we know that talented youth professionals are critical to success. Our three communities in San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston are part of…

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New books: Grandkids of Holocaust survivors grapple with trauma and silence

The writings of the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors frequently convey not only the pain their grandparents endured but also the reverberations of trauma in their families.

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Jewish literature takes a turn toward adventure in two recent novels

One does not conventionally turn first to Jewish literature to satisfy a thirst for adventure stories. Nevertheless, the past few weeks have seen the publication of two notable picaresque novels,…

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Family histories open new windows on historical events

What makes books on family history so compelling for me is that they offer a fresh and personal lens on historical events while simultaneously illustrating how historical circumstances have a…

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