Jewish LearningWorks offers a variety of cohort learning experiences designed to share best practices, and deepen your professional knowledge by learning with and from colleagues.

Community is the heart of all Jewish learning. As Jewish educators know, when we engage in Jewish learning, we become part of a rich conversation, taking place over millennia. We know this intuitively, but we also know from research that both adults and children often learn best in groups. Studies show that effective professional development:

  • Takes place within educators’ regular workday or work week
  • Continues over time with sessions building on each other
  • Models active learning
  • Fosters a collegial, collaborative environment
  • Focuses on building educators’ pedagogical content knowledge
  • Includes learning in and from practice

This year, opportunities include:

Israel LearningLab

For all Jewish educators working across educational settings

This six-month learning lab for Jewish educators is designed to support the response to our students’ needs at this moment, and help educators create a new strategy for teaching about Israel. Participants will explore the way in which Israel learning is part of Jewish education, learn to navigate through differences through monthly sessions, and work with a mentor to experiment, and develop their own confidence to teach about Israel. Begins in November 2024.

Jewish Resilience Roundtable

For Bay Area professionals and lay leaders working with Jewish adolescents

This roundtable will meet monthly throughout the 2024-25 program year to create a learning network for Jewish communal stakeholders invested in Jewish educational and engagement opportunities for adolescents. Organizations participating will be eligible to send their chosen team to online and in-person learning sessions designed to support professionals who sit at the intersection of adolescent well-being and Jewish education. Begins in September 2024.

For more information, please contact Alisha Pedowitz, Senior Educator, at

Voices for Good Fellowship

For women leaders in Jewish communal organizations in the Bay Area, Pacific Northwest and Mountain States

This two-year fellowship creates an affinity space for women leaders in Jewish communal organizations to build collegial relationships, explore of Jewish values in leadership, and address challenges unique to women in Jewish professional life. Fellows learn together in monthly seminars with core and guest faculty through the duration of the experience. The 2024-2026 cohort began in February 2024.

Communities of Practice

Early Childhood Directors’ Community of Practice

The Bay Area is home to 40 Jewish Early Childhood centers in a range of settings across the religious and communal spaces in our community. We convene the Directors of these schools to connect and learn from each other on a monthly basis. This network gathers online to study best practices in areas such as curriculum, family engagement ideas, professional development planning, and supervision to name a few. Jewish LearningWorks also provides an annual day of learning for the educators as well as a day long retreat for the directors.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Ellen Lefkowitz at, or fill out the form below.

Mentors’ Community of Practice

Jewish LearningWorks has offered mentorship experiences to educators in our community since 2018. This year, we will convene mentors enrolled in our Mentorship Program in four annual gatherings – expert-led circles designed to support their mentorship process, including identifying mentee goals and progress; the qualities of good mentorship; how to redirect mentorship gone awry; and mentorship reflection strategies.

This opportunity is only open to mentors participating in Jewish LearningWorks’ Mentorship Program.

As a new educator in the congregational world, [Jewish LearningWorks] has really helped me create a network of colleagues and co-learners – we’re all asking similar questions and thinking through similar issues and this group, and the relationships I’m building through it, have been really fantastic.

– Congregational school educator