Our Mission

Jewish LearningWorks elevates the field of Jewish education by nurturing educators, inspiring innovation, and building Jewish literacy.

Our Strategic Plan

A Roadmap for Nurturing Educators to Build a Vibrant Jewish Community

Jewish LearningWorks renews its commitment to providing a wide array of high-caliber professional learning opportunities for educators regardless of their organizational setting, training or experience, and offer a continuum of responsive and meaningful support throughout their professional lifecycle.

Thank you for joining us in recognizing and empowering the work of our children’s role models. Their contributions are the foundation of a thriving community. We look forward to sharing our accomplishments with you in the years ahead.

Our Values

מנהיגות · Manhigut · Leadership

We are fearless in our pursuit of continuous improvement, experimentation, and thought leadership that expands the intellectual horizons of those with whom we work.

סקרנות · Sakranut · Curiosity

We are lifelong learners who delight in discovery, and strive to spark imaginative inquiry among those we serve.

קשר · Kesher · Connectedness

We believe in the power of belonging, and seek to equip Jewish educators not only with the tools and practices they need to thrive alongside their learners, but also to foster a strong community of support.

אחריות · Achrayut · Mutual Responsibility

We believe in the shared responsibility of learners and educators to bring their best selves to the experience of vibrant Jewish learning, and to the pursuit of a more just and perfect world. 

הגשמה עצמית · Hagshama Atzmit · Personal Fulfillment

We recognize every Jewish educator and learner as a whole, creative and resourceful person worthy of finding joy and meaning in Jewish life.