The How, Why and What of Israel Education

Are you struggling with Israel education? Are you looking for a space to explore the needs of your learners, and delve into your own attitudes, and approaches for teaching Israel? Jewish LearningWorks is proud to offer a new Israel learning lab for Jewish educational leaders, led by Dr. Sivan Zakai, Dr. Kathy Simon, Dr. Lesley Litman, and Dr. Kathy Schwartz.
  • Aimed at: The Israel LearningLab is a collaborative learning platform designed to benefit all Jewish educators, regardless of their educational setting. However, the program is geared toward educators of grade-school aged children, and above.
  • Structure: Cohort learning. Hybrid approach. Online sessions (synchronous and asynchronous), with two day-long, in-person sessions, and one-on-one mentorship.
  • Dates: Begins on November 18, 2024, and concludes in May 2025
  • Enrollment fee: $360 per participant. Jewish LearningWorks is committed to accessibility for everyone who wants to participate. Please be in touch if the fee is a hardship for your organization.