“Find yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend and judge each person according to their own merits.” Pirkei Avot 1:6

Jewish LearningWorks has offered mentorship experiences to educators in our community since 2018. We do this by connecting professionals to engage in a mentorship experience that benefits both the mentor and mentee.

Mentoring is a proven, effective and efficient way to invest in our community’s educators. Our Mentorship Program is informed by Jewish concepts and texts, as well as leadership and adult learning research, to support mentors and mentees in this process.

The 2023-24 mentorship cycle is currently full. To receive information about mentorship opportunities in the future, please contact Jenni Mangel at jenni@jewishlearning.works.

Our Mentorship Program is designed for:

  • Congregation, JCC afterschool and weekend classroom teachers (grades K-5)
  • Professionals working with teens (grade 6-12)
  • Congregational education directors
  • ECE associate/assistant directors
  • Camp professionals
  • Day school teachers and specialists
  • B’nai mitzvah tutors
  • Non-traditional supplementary programs

Mentorship Program, at-a-glance:

Each fall, we recruit both new mentors and mentees. Once the matches of mentors and mentees have been made, we provide the structure and tools for meaningful engagement.



Aimed at
Candidates are Bay Area Jewish educators and communal professionals who are taking on a new role, are still new to their position, or have new responsibilities. Candidates are Bay Area Jewish educators and communal professionals who have at least 10 years of experience in the field of Jewish education.

1:1 mentorship sessions will be virtual, or in-person if both parties prefer. Group sessions will be virtual only (synchronous and asynchronous).

Mentors and mentees are asked to make a one year commitment to the mentorship experience.
The cost for mentees is $180 for the entire year, due at registration. Mentors receive a $1,150 honorarium upon successful completion of the mentorship cycle.

Registrations are open.

Rolling admissions until all placements are made.

Program Structure

1:1 Mentorship

Each mentee will be paired with a mentor. Together, the mentor and mentee will set up a schedule, and will meet 8 times during the mentorship cycle. 1:1 mentorship can occur in person or using phone or video.

The agenda for each 1:1 Mentorship session will be designed by the mentor and mentee in order to respond to the mentee’s specific workplace needs. Mentors may consult with Jenni Mangel at Jewish LearningWorks at any time during the mentorship initiative for support about planning and facilitating 1:1 mentorship sessions.

Mentee Cohorts

Each mentee will be assigned to a cohort made up of 3-4 professionals who have similar communal roles (e.g., director of congregational education, youth professional, teacher of Hebrew language, etc). Each cohort will meet 3 times during the mentorship cycle, and will be facilitated by Jewish LearningWorks staff or a qualified facilitator. These meetings take place via Zoom.

All Mentee Cohorts will be framed in the exploration of Jewish values and texts. They will address topics relevant to all professionals, such as planning and decision making; setting boundaries and self care; managing difficult situations; and working with parents.

Mentor Circle

Mentors will participate in a Mentor Circle which will meet 3 times during the mentorship cycle. These sessions will be led by Jewish LearningWorks staff, and designed to support mentors and enhance their work with mentees as well as reach the intended goals and outcomes.

The Mentor Circle gatherings will take place via Zoom. The sessions will be framed in the exploration of Jewish values and texts that can be used to inform their 1:1 mentorship sessions. Topics include identifying mentee goals and assessing progress; qualities of good mentorship; how to redirect mentorship gone awry; and mentorship reflection strategies.

Mentorship Pairings

How are mentorship matches made? Jenni Mangel, Director of Educational Leadership at Jewish LearningWorks, will interview all mentee and mentor candidates. Mentorship pairings will be made in order to best support the mentee based on information shared in the application, and initial conversation.

Mentor-mentee relationships are unique in that they are often reciprocal, consistent and often enduring across years and roles. Generally, mentors will, currently or in the past, hold the same role that the mentee holds.

Registrations and Questions

We work on a rolling admissions process, until all placements are made. The 2023-24 mentorship cycle is currently full.

To receive information about mentorship opportunities in the future, please contact Jenni Mangel at jenni@jewishlearning.works.

What Participants Are Saying

Complimentary Access to Other Programs

Jewish LearningWorks’ offerings are built on the foundation of our organizational values – Manhigut/Leadership, Sakranut/Curiosity, Kesher/Connectedness, Achrayut/Mutual Responsibility, Hagshama Atzmit/Personal Fulfillment, each of which lies at the heart of our Mentorship Program.

To further expand the professional development of both mentors and mentees, the 2023-24 program participants are eligible to register for the following programs at no cost:

Learning the Language of Inclusion

Join us for this virtual workshop led by Alison Sorscher, Jewish educator and founder of Triangle Early Education Consulting. Alison will outline how to understand and utilize the information in an Individual Education Program (IEP) to meet the needs of your students. This training date has passed. Learn more about other special needs inclusion opportunities here.


The WELL (Wisdom, Empowerment, Learning & Leadership) is a national initiative designed to support professionals working in Jewish educational settings. By combining national training seminars with mentorship, professionals can take their learning to a new level. Participation in The WELL seminars is not required for mentees, but is strongly encouraged. Mentors are invited to attend national seminars as they find appropriate. The WELL has three modules and meets via Zoom:

  • Module 1, October 15 & 22, 2023 | Creating Meaningful Community through Teaching and Learning – SESL & DEIB.
  • Module 2, November 5 & 12, 2023 | Teaching and Learning for All: Lesson Planning & Meeting the Needs of All Learners.
  • Module 3, January 28 & February 4, 2024 | Impact of Teaching and Learning: Creative Assessment & Use of Self in the Classroom.

For more information, contact Jenni Mangel at jenni@jewishlearning.works.

The 2024 Ruby Award Presentation

The Ruby Award is our annual award for excellence in Jewish youth education and engagement. Every year, the award presentation includes a learning session relevant for those who work with teens. The 2024 presentation will take place on May 16. Learn more here. Due to limited space at this in-person event, a small fee will be required for mentorship participants to attend the Ruby Award Presentation.