As an organization that nurtures and trains Jewish educators, our primary goal is to support teachers in all settings, who we know have varying levels of knowledge about Israel.

We are enacting our response to the war in Israel by curating educational resources, and offering responsive training and community support in multiple formats that will help you find the right words to talk with children and teens about the current crisis, hold space for parents and colleagues, and take care of yourself as an educator.

Please come back to this page often, as we are adding new supportive resources regularly.

Educational Resources

The Talmud teaches us that there are 70 faces to Torah. Jewish LearningWorks believes there are 70 faces to Israel, meaning that there is not one single way to think about Israel or to learn about Israel.

Learn more about our inclusive and learner-centered approach to Israel education, and explore our list of resources to help you understand Israel, the conflict, and the current crisis.

1:1 Support for Jewish Educators & Other Communal Professionals

Since October 7th our work, like yours, has been turned inside out and upside down. Each of us is working to find ways to support one another, and to serve our community during these difficult days.

At Jewish LearningWorks, we are leaning into our strengths to help us through this time, and that means a deeper focus on gathering and personal relationships. The chance to talk individually with one of our educators can provide respite for you, and an opportunity to be held, rather than being the one holding others. Our team is ready and willing to think with you about the particular people and circumstances you are facing, and how to meet your unique challenges.

More for Professionals Working with Teens and Adolescents

Those who work with adolescents know that we are in the midst of a youth mental health crisis. And, those of us who work within Jewish educational and engagement are also keenly aware that the protective factors identified by the Harvard Resiliency Study for bolstering resilience and well-being are also the core components of the work that we do, and how much more important they are in the context of the war in Israel and rising antisemitism.

To support Bay Area professionals working with adolescents, we are launching a Jewish Resilience Roundtable in 2024-2025.

This monthly roundtable will meet to:

  • Create a learning network for Jewish communal stakeholders invested in Jewish educational and engagement opportunities for adolescents.
  • Support professionals who sit at the intersection of adolescent well-being and Jewish education, fostering the integration of these two disciplines into their day- to- day work.

To learn more, please contact Senior Educator, Alisha Pedowitz, at