As an organization that nurtures and trains Jewish educators, our primary goal is to support teachers in all settings, who we know have varying levels of knowledge about Israel.

We are enacting our response to the war in Israel by curating educational resources, and offering responsive training and community support in multiple formats that will help you find the right words to talk with children and teens about the current crisis, hold space for parents and colleagues, and take care of yourself as an educator.

Please come back to this page often, as we are adding new supportive resources regularly.

Educational Resources

The Talmud teaches us that there are 70 faces to Torah. Jewish LearningWorks believes there are 70 faces to Israel, meaning that there is not one single way to think about Israel or to learn about Israel.

Learn more about our inclusive and learner-centered approach to Israel education, and explore our list of resources to help you understand Israel, the conflict, and the current crisis.

Drop-in Consultations (VIRTUAL)

This month, our educator team is hosting virtual drop-in hours for educators and administrators to consult about what is happening in Israel, and how you are responding. We are eager to help you think through adapting your programming based on the real-time needs of children, and addressing the needs of concerned parents. We invite you to drop-in once, twice or as often as needed to receive support.

Sessions for Early Childhood Professionals, Led by Ellen Lefkowitz
Sessions for Professionals Working with Teens, Led by Alisha Pedowitz
Sessions for All Educators and Administrators, Led by Liora Brosbe
Sessions for All Educators and Administrators, Led by Jenni Mangel

More for Professionals Working with Teens and Adolescents

Jewish teens are struggling with anxiety, feelings of sadness and worry at alarming rates, now heightened by the developing war in Israel. They are also incredibly resilient, and you are uniquely situated to support them by creating positive environments, and by helping them foster lifelong wellness practices.

These sessions are designed to support you in your role as a co-creator of Jewish communities where teen well being matters.