Associate Director of Bay Area Programs at Camp Tawonga

Meg Adler is a true gem in the field of Jewish youth education. Under her leadership at Camp Tawonga, the Tawonga B’nai Mitzvah Program has grown, flourished, and deepened, now serving 130 students per year. As the lead staff for this program, it is Meg’s vision, creativity, and commitment to each family that make her a true standout.

Meg’s vision is to make Jewish education accessible, engaging, personal and meaningful to each child and family. She is constantly making connections between our ancient traditions and today’s world through her innovative lessons and the incredible materials that she creates. The unique curriculum she created fosters intergenerational family relationships, service, self-discovery, and moral development in the context of Jewish traditions. Meg helped hundreds of children who would not have had a bar, bat or b’nai mitzvah otherwise because she is able to engage every student, find their interests and help them relate that to Torah, tikkun olam and being a mensch in the world. Her program attracts unaffiliated families and sends them on a deeply meaningful Jewish journey.

Meg is able to reach the most disengaged students and gets everyone passionate about Jewish education. Meg is amazing with youth of all ages. She is a dynamic teacher who is able to connect with every child. She differentiates her lessons skillfully to reach a wide range of students with varied learning styles and diverse backgrounds in Jewish education. She is unparalleled in her ability to connect with youth, and make Judaism accessible, relevant, and meaningful for each child.

This information was taken directly from the Award recipient’s nomination, and are the words of their colleagues.