Contra Costa Midrasha Executive Director

Devra has positively enriched the lives of hundreds of students through the Contra Costa Midrasha program in the last decade. From being a safe adult presence on a weekly basis to taking young people on trips to Israel, she makes a difference in the lives of all her students. She supports the students through the ups and downs of the high school years – providing support, connection, community and Jewish education. Devra brings innovative, visionary and creative programming that inspires and engages teens in addition to the regular weekly programming.

Devra has often shared that she, “never says no to a teen’s request.” While she creates unique programs, she clearly understands that collaborating with teens is where this work makes the most impact. That it means letting teens create, teach and guide their own electives on Wednesday nights during Midrasha. She’s most proud of their Hamsa Fund, their Teen Philanthropy program. Each year this teen lead program teaches each a group of 20-30 teens how to do Jewish philanthropy. By itself, none of this is remarkable. What stands out about Devra is that she works in her community to offer all these options to the teens in the Contra Costa community – with pluralism always in mind.

This information was taken directly from the Award recipient’s nomination, and are the words of their colleagues.