Jewish LearningWorks believes that all children deserve to be welcomed, included and embraced by the Jewish community regardless of individual needs or learning style.

These following services are available at no cost or at highly subsidized rates for Bay Area Jewish institutions, including preschools, synagogue programs, day schools, camps, and other Jewish educational settings.

Sensory Tools for Learners of All Ages

We currently have funding to provide sensory tools for Jewish organizations in the Bay Area. This à la carte sensory toolkit includes fidgets, and other tools to help learners of all ages focus, and remain engage in educational settings.

Clinical Student Observations

A personal referral process to help educators schedule clinical student observations and make needed accommodations for students with special needs.

Consultations for Preschool Professionals

Monthly group discussions to consult with an ECE expert, gain new insights, connect with colleagues, and receive concrete ideas to take back to your classroom. You may bring a concern about an individual student, or any other question.

For more information about these services and resources for Jewish educators, please contact Liora Brosbe, Senior Educator:

Customized Special Needs Inclusion Training

Jewish LearningWorks is able to offer special needs inclusion training for your team. We are able to customize the content, scope, structure and format of the training to meet your team’s needs. We are offering these customized special needs inclusion training sessions with a special subsidy to Bay Area Jewish organizations during the 2023-24 program year, thanks to the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund.

Learn more about our customized training programs and contact us to inquire about planning a training for your organization.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the Jewish Community Federation.

Special Needs Resource Guide

Check out our Special Needs Resource Guide, where you can find Bay Area services, organizations, therapists, playgroups and more.

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