Coaching and Customized Training

Jewish LearningWorks offers 1:1 coaching support for individual Jewish professionals and customized trainings for staff teams.

Our coaching and training support is intensive and customized. We work with you to craft single or multi-session training on topics of interest to you, and to your staff, on an as needed basis.

Past trainings include:

  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum design and pedagogy
  • Project based learning
  • Metrics and evaluation
  • Adult level Jewish text study

Please contact Jenni Mangel for more information.

Leadership coaching is an individualized process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. Coaching is personalized, customized, usually conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time and with a specific business purpose in mind.

Coaching offers an opportunity to think with a skilled colleague about a professional challenge you are facing. This might be an interpersonal/supervisory challenge, one related to program design and evaluation, strategic planning oriented, or simply a thorny organizational problem that is keeping you awake at night. Through a series of carefully facilitated conversations, you will have the opportunity to articulate the problem, broaden your thinking about factors contributing to it, brainstorm appropriate interventions, test them, and return to unpack what occurred.

At Jewish LearningWorks, coaching support is provided by Dana Sheanin, Chief Learning Officer, and Jenni Mangel, Director, Professional Learning.  In most cases, customized trainings will be offered by Jenni Mangel. You can learn more about both of us here.

Dana’s areas of professional expertise include strategic planning, leadership development, nurturing organizational culture, staff supervision, and grant writing.

Jenni’s areas of professional expertise include educational leadership, program design and evaluation, project based and service learning, and transition management.

While our work is subsidized by Jewish LearningWorks donors, we do need to assess fees to fully cover the cost of customized support. We offer a sliding scale and reduced rate packages for organizations and individuals purchasing multiple sessions, and will always work with you to make support affordable. You can view our rate schedule here.

It is common for employers to cover the cost of coaching as part of an employee’s professional development. We are happy to help you think through how to request this personalized professional support from your supervisor and to explain it’s communal benefits.

To explore options for coaching or customized training for your staff, please contact Jenni Mangel directly by email. Because of the highly personalized nature of this work, we always begin with an intake call (free of charge) to initiate the process of our work together.