Coaching and Customized Training

Jewish LearningWorks offers 1:1 coaching support for individuals and customized training for staff teams.

Customized Training

Our customized training support is tailored to your needs, and generously subsidized. We work with you to craft single or multi-session training on topics of interest to you, and to your staff, on an as needed basis. Training we offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Curriculum design and pedagogy
  • Social, Emotional and Spiritual Learning
  • Special needs inclusion
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Project based learning
  • Classroom management
  • Strategic program design
  • Metrics and evaluation
  • Planning for staff development

For more information, please contact Jenni Mangel.

1:1 Coaching Support

Our coaching support is available to Jewish professionals across organizational settings. We currently offer three kinds of coaching:

  • Instructional Coaching for classroom teachers to support the development of their teaching practice and their classroom management skills.
  • Educational Leadership Coaching to support school and program administrators to plan, set goals, balance responsibilities and functions, and more.
  • Leadership Coaching to support mid-career women working for Bay Area Jewish organizations. This coaching is offered through our Voices for Good Initiative.

For more information, please contact Liora Brosbe.

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Leadership coaching is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, reflection and positive change. Coaching can be useful to achieve both short- and long-term goals. We offer 1:1 coaching, with trained professionals, which takes place over a defined number of sessions, and is customized to your unique goals.

Coaching offers an opportunity to think with a skilled colleague about a professional challenge you are facing. This might be an interpersonal/supervisory challenge, one related to program design and evaluation, strategic planning oriented, or simply a thorny organizational problem that is keeping you awake at night. Through a series of carefully facilitated conversations, you will have the opportunity to articulate the problem, broaden your thinking about factors contributing to it, brainstorm appropriate interventions, test them, and return to unpack what occurred.

At Jewish LearningWorks, Instructional Coaching support is provided by Mindy Gold, Scholar-in-Residence. And our Educational Leadership Coaching is provided by Jenni Mangel, Director, Educational Leadership.

The Leadership Coaching for women is part of our Voices for Good Initiative, and is provided by a body of consultants selected and onboarded by Jenni Mangel.

Our customized training support is led by senior educators on staff, and expert facilitators hired by our leadership team.

While our work is subsidized by Jewish LearningWorks donors and funders, we do need to assess fees to fully cover the cost of our support. We will always work with you to make support affordable.

Customized Training: Training led by Jewish LearningWorks staff is billed at $160 an hour, plus prep time and a $50 surcharge for in-person sessions. Training led by hired facilitators is billed at $180 an hour.

1:1 Coaching Support: Coaching fees range from $80-160 an hour depending on the type of coaching, and for a minimum of 8 sessions. It is common for employers to cover the cost of coaching as part of an employee’s professional development. We are happy to help you think through how to request this personalized professional support from your supervisor and to explain it’s communal benefits.

Because of the highly personalized nature of this work, we always begin with an intake call (free of charge) to initiate the process of our work together.

Customized Training: To explore options for a customized training for your staff, please contact Jenni Mangel.

1:1 Coaching Support: To explore options for coaching, and the right fit for you, please contact Liora Brosbe.

Your coaching fee is non-refundable. You will be entering into professional coaching contract with your coach which includes scheduling and coordinating sessions directly with your coach. As a result, please be sure to follow your coach’s policies for rescheduling or cancellation deadlines.

If for some reason your coach is no longer able to provide the number of sessions per your agreement, Jewish LearningWorks will work with you to arrange a refund of prorated sessions or work with you to receive services from another coach.