Our Stories

Our First Open House

By Liliana Peliks, Jewish LearningWorks’ Director of Marketing

Last year we moved our office space from San Francisco to Oakland. It was a stealth and stellar move, and quite frankly, we are not sure how many people noticed. This year, as the month of Elul was approaching, we decided to invite dear friends and colleagues over to look back at our history of 125 years in Jewish education, add their personal stories to our timeline of milestones, and look forward to the new year. The photo essay below will tell you it was a success, but most importantly, we learned that while programs come and go, educators remain, and the children keep coming! We were also reminded that as long as we have this blessed community, the work of lifelong Jewish learning will always be vibrant and joyful.

Thank you to all the educators, new, rising, veteran and retired, who came to connect, nosh and celebrate Jewish LearningWorks’ 125th Anniversary!