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Creating Inclusive Learning Environments & Strengthening the Talent Pipeline for Jewish Education

Jewish LearningWorks’ 2022 Strategic Plan

We are delighted to share that last month, the Jewish LearningWorks board approved a new strategic plan that positions our nearly 125 year old organization for growth. This plan will further our mission to nurture Jewish educators, inspire innovation, and build Jewish literacy.

Our six-month planning process included more than 80 stakeholder interviews with both local and national practitioners and experts on leadership development, pedagogy, digital learning, and innovation. The process afforded us the opportunity to speak with many of our long-time supporters after a challenging two years, to explore what matters most to them in the field of Jewish education, and to better understand how the pandemic has changed the needs of children and families.

We heard repeatedly that today, Jewish LearningWorks is perceived as strong and capable, and our staff are highly respected by colleagues in the field. We heard great appreciation for our commitment to relationships, and for the way in which we have strategically evolved over the past five years from an organization sponsoring direct service programs, to one that prioritizes premiere professional development for teachers and professionals in all Jewish educational settings.

Our organizational values are evident in the plan’s recommendations. It includes seven major initiatives to serve educators, and one accompanying initiative to strengthen our visibility in the field. It also includes the recommendation that we begin the process of making the Jewish Community Library, housed in the Jewish Community High School, independent of Jewish LearningWorks.

We invite you to explore the following pages to learn more about our organizational values, and upcoming initiatives. Our staff and board reaffirm our commitment to creating inclusive learning spaces that welcome all members of our multicultural, multiracial community. And we are tremendously excited by the potential for new fellowships, coaching and mentoring, blended learning and networking opportunities to strengthen our community’s talent pipeline, and inspire vibrant Jewish learning now and for future generations.