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How to Create Hyperdocs and How they Increase Learners’ Choice

Hyperdocs are an excellent digital tool that allows you to reflect about your lesson’s goals, and help you reach them. In this short video, our digital learning scholar-in-residence, Mindy Gold, teaches us how to create Hyperdocs, and the top 5 reasons to use them to invite learners to make choices about what they learn, and how.

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Looking for a thought partner, sounding board, or co-planner? If you are seeking new perspectives or expert advice on digital learning for in-person teaching or blended environments, we invite you to spend an hour with Mindy Gold, scholar-in-residence at Jewish Learning Works’ Bonnie Tenenbaum Digital Learning Initiative, at no cost to you.

Ideal for congregational and day school teachers and education directors looking for the right balance for their digital and non-digital classrooms.