An anti-bias education series for Jewish educators

How does implicit bias negatively impact the experience of your students, or your ability to fulfill your organization’s mission? Identifying and understanding identity anxiety, stereotype threat, microaggression, and how children learn to understand differences is essential to building successful teacher-student relationships, and to continuing your organization’s internal equity and inclusion process.

This five-session series, led by Dr. Sandra Chapman, an educator and equity consultant with more than thirty years of experience in independent schools, is designed to help us shift our mindsets and modify our practices to engage with students, peers and community members more effectively across differences.

  • Aimed at: This program is designed for educational leaders, teachers and anyone facilitating learning experiences in a Jewish school, camp, youth group or communal organization.
  • Structure: Five virtual sessions from September 2022 to May 2023. To receive the full benefit of this series, we encourage participants to commit to attending all sessions.
  • Session 5: Exploring Children’s Development of Difference. Learn more about this session and view the complete learning arc of this workshop series.
  • Led by: Dr. Sandra Chapman, founder of Chap Equity.

Registration is now closed, however if you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact Liora Brosbe at

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