Social, Emotional and Spiritual Learning – The Heart of Jewish Education

Social and emotional skills are essential for both academic and personal success. As educators, we have the opportunity to be more intentional about how we teach children and teens to relate to each other and to adults; to teach empathy and caring, and to encourage responsibility and resilience.

This interactive workshop will encourage you to engage with Social, Emotional and Spiritual Learning (SESL) tools, and myriad strategies to incorporate them into your curricula and schedule.

  • Aimed at: All Jewish educators regardless of their educational setting.
  • Structure: Two-hour virtual session. Zoom link provided upon registration.
  • Facilitated by: Dr. Nancy Parkes.
  • Fee: $72 for individuals, or up to two participants per organization.

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All trainings at Jewish LearningWorks are subsidized by our generous donors. If you need a cost adjustment to participate, please email Dana Sheanin at