This virtual consultation hour for preschool professionals is an informal, drop-in discussion space where you can gain new insights, connect with other Early Childhood Education colleagues, and receive concrete ideas to take back to your classroom. The sessions are facilitated by Special Education consultant, Cara Dressler.

Join us if you…

  • have a specific question or concern about an individual student or behavior patterns
  • want to learn about communication with parents
  • are interested in tools for working as a team with your co-workers
  • are looking for general support and connection with others working in Jewish preschool settings

The session is offered at no-cost, and is designed for educators in all Jewish preschool settings, and it is focused on classroom environments with multiple students present. To ensure that each participant’s concerns are addressed with discretion, the session is facilitated using a conversation method.

We also encourage participants to support one another, and engage in a shared problem solving process, so please feel free to come as an individual, or with other members of your team.

Need more support?

This session is part of a monthly drop-in series which runs from January to May 2024. The monthly virtual sessions are created as a space to ask questions, and discuss issues relevant to special needs inclusion and development. View other dates here, and join us as many times as you need. We look forward to helping answer your pressing questions, and discussing any concerns you may have about your students.