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Relax, Learn and Grow: A Step-by-step Guide to Study with a Friend this Summer

For many of us, the pandemic has magnified our need for connection. Others have been carefully reconsidering what self-fulfillment is, and how to prioritize it. But to do that with shifting external and internal limitations requires decisive action and leadership from each of us

This summer, we want to invite you to use some of your time away from work or play to form a chevruta, and give yourself the opportunity to relax your body and your mind (you can do this!), and take action by inviting a friend, your partner, or a work colleague to discuss and learn with you about connectedness and self-fulfillment. Chevruta means “friendship” (in Aramaic) and is the term used in Jewish tradition for text that is studied in pairs. You can learn in person or online, and don’t worry about the content or method because we wrote a step-by-step guide for you. Our promise is growth for both of you!

Here are the basics:

  1. Find a friend, colleague or schedule time with your partner
  2. Set up two 90 minute study sessions for this summer
  3. You will learn from Jewish contemporary sources looking at leadership, connectedness, and self-fulfillment

The guide includes myriad content sources curated by our Director, Educational Leadership, Jenni Mangel, as well as suggestions for how to spend your time together — from how to start your learning, to what to do when conversation is robust or begins to lull. Whether you have a learning practice or not, this summer learning experience has the potential to be an expression of generosity for yourself and/or your studying partner.

We truly hope you welcome this offer! And if you are inclined to send us a note to let us know how it goes, please write to liliana@jewishlearning.works.