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Purim with an Inclusive, Social Emotional and Spiritual Lens

Purim is a holiday that is often marked with celebrations with noise, festive meals, and retelling the story of Megilat Esther when she saved the Jewish people in the land of Persia. It is also an opportunity to look beyond the logistics of carnivals and groggers to enter the story from a Social Emotional and Spiritual Learning perspective. This resource includes activities and relevant topics to discuss: Purim SESL Toolkit from Nancy Parkes.

Young Learners and Violence in the Megillah

For many sensitive people and children, the megillah contains disturbing images of violence and hatred against groups of people. Older children and adults may want to engage in thinking about this violence in context to historical and biblical narratives. For younger learners it may be best to provide a version of Megillat Esther that has been modified to include less violence. This one is from Sylvia Rouss and a podcast version from PJ Library for people to listen to the story.

Neuro-diverse Kids on Purim

Take this holiday as an opportunity to address the needs of neuro-diverse kids and their families in your Purim festivities. Try this Purim social story from JkidAccessGateways resources on Purim  and 15 Tips for a Sensory Friendly Purim.

And a friendly reminder to order the sensory tools, with a grant for Bay Area Jewish organizations!

Chag Purim Sameach!