An interactive workshop to learn an innovative and playful approach to religious education.

In what ways can we encourage our students to find wonder and curiosity in the Torah stories we tell, while developing their spiritual awareness? All children are innately blessed with a vivid imagination and a deep sense of curiosity. Our Torah texts are richly layered sacred stories that can be a part of their personal searching and exploration.

Torah Godly Play offers a distinctive methodology for spiritual growth in children and adolescents using the stories of our tradition. Our one-day training program offers you an introduction to the method, and its underlying conceptions. You will also gain exposure to the story scripts and materials, and enough time to practice with the method so that you can start working with Torah Godly Play without delays.

  • Aimed at: Educators who teach Pre-K through 2nd grade to students ages 4-8 at Jewish Day Schools, Preschools or Supplemental Schools (After-schools and Congregational programs).
  • Structure: Day-long workshop, in-person, at the Contra Costa Jewish Day School in Lafayette, CA.
  • Facilitated by: Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire, founder of Torah Godly Play, Professor of Jewish Education at Hebrew College in Boston.

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