A professional learning network for those sitting at the intersection of Jewish education, and adolescent well-being.

Those of us who work with adolescents know that we are in the midst of a youth mental health crisis. And, those of us who work within Jewish education, and engagement are also keenly aware of the protective factors identified by the Harvard Resiliency Study for bolstering resilience, and well-being.

To respond to this crisis, and anchor our shared work in the latest research as well as Jewish wisdom, Jewish LearningWorks is inviting the Bay Area community of professionals who work with Jewish adolescents to gather, connect and learn at a monthly resilience roundtable, and a series of expert-led workshops during the 2024-25 program year.

  • Membership is open to all Bay Area organizations that are communal stakeholders in Jewish adolescent engagement, education, and well-being.
  • Structure: Hybrid approach. Monthly meetings (online synchronous sessions, and in-person sessions) co-facilitated by network members, and additional expert-led workshops.
  • Dates: Begins on September 13, 2024, and concludes in May 2025.
  • Enrollment fee: $180/year per organization. You will be able to add up to four participants to your membership when you sign up. Jewish LearningWorks is committed to accessibility for everyone who wants to participate. Please be in touch if the fee is a hardship for your organization.