Thank you to all of our donors at all levels, this year and every year.

Donations from committed individuals who align their financial resources with their values are critical to fostering Jewish lifelong learners, and keeping Bay Area Jewish life vibrant.

We are grateful for this community of individuals who have pledged their financial partnership to Jewish education, and for the hundreds of families who give generously with monthly gifts and donations through designated campaigns.

Gifts below include donations to our annual campaign and special gifts received from July 2021 through June 2022.


Marty Tenenbaum
Norman and Marsha Lee Berkman


Fred Isaac and Robin Reiner
Peter and Deborah Wexler


Judy Baston


Alina and Jason Friend
Eileen Ruby
Julie Dorsey and Daniel Leemon
Martha and Michael Adler
Terry Winograd and Carol Hutner Winograd


Andrea Gilbert Stern and Claude Stern
Barbara and Chris Wilson
Brian Hoffman
Dana Sheanin and Sue Bojdak
Gary and Xenia Hammer
Irina and Sasha Kovriga
Jane Jordan
Jeff Weitzman and Rachel Milliken-Weitzman
Jennifer Ong Vaughan
Joseph Sherman
Josh and Ashley Rutberg
Judy and Steve Zimmerman
Kathy and Gary Reback
Paul and Sheri Robbins
Preeva and Leonard Tramiel
Rachel Hamlin
Ron and Barbara Kaufman
Sharon and Josh Weinberg
Valerie Sopher
Zoe and Daniel Scheinman


Cindy and Jon Schlesinger
Dan Oppenheimer and Sarah Tunik
Ellyn and Steven Cohen
George and Paula Schlesinger
Howard and Carol Fine
Ina and Steve Bauman
James Heeger and Daryl Messinger
Jeremy Rawitch
Joan Benjamin

Joel Abramovitz
Joseph and Joyce Behar
Judy Waksberg and Philip Genty
Karen Tiedemann and Geoff Piller
Marc and Susan Mangel
Martin Tannenbaum and Alex Ingersoll
Ronald and Sheree Roth
Stephanie and Jay Snyder

*Databases are imperfect! If you find we have made an error in this listing, please do let us know.