• How complete is your toolkit as a teacher?

  • How are your identity, values, and big ideas expressed in your teaching?

  • How prepared are you to teach in an era of physical distancing?

We invite teachers with 0-5 years of experience in Jewish educational settings to join us once or all year long to explore these questions and others. In this series we will:

  • Reflect on our personal identity and the ways that it is expressed through our work.
  • Explore the tension that might occur between our organization’s culture and our own, and productive ways to navigate that tension.
  • Practice online teaching tools that respond to the diverse cognitive and emotional needs of our students.
  • Experiment with teaching tools that uncover the thinking process and support meaningful learning.
  • Build a community of practice composed of learners committed to improving their own work and the field of Jewish education.

This eight-part series is offered in partnership with Studio 70 and designed as a Kehillah Lomedet, a Community of Learners, for teachers in K-6 supplementary programs. While we designed this with congregations in mind, we welcome educators from JCCs, camps, day schools, and other teaching and learning environments.

Sessions will take place via Zoom every third Friday from 9:30 – 11:30am PDT, October 2020 – June 2021. Each session will include ideas and practices ready for immediate use in your teaching environment. Our work and ability to build a community of practice depends on regular attendance. If you are not able to participate in all 8 sessions, note that sessions marked with an asterisk (*) may be attended as a stand alone session.

Cost & Registration Deadline

Early Bird Registration $275.00 for the full 8 session series before Sept 25, 2020; $300.00 through September 30, 2002. Registration closes September 30, 2020

Group size is limited to encourage and facilitate interactive exchange between participants.

All trainings at Jewish LearningWorks are subsidized by our generous donors. To arrange a further cost adjustment, please email jenni@jewishlearning.works.




Oct 16, 2020 Who am I as an educator?

Building our Kehillah, Community

Yafit Shriki Megidish & Jenni Mangel
Nov 20, 2020 Teaching for Understanding Part I

Lesson Plan Design

Yafit Shriki Megidish & Jenni Mangel
Dec 18, 2020 *Best Practices and Principles for Supporting Diverse Learners

Online, in person, and in blended settings

Susan Morrel
Jan 15, 2021 Teaching for Understanding Part II

Reciprocal relationship of teaching and learning

Participants will record a lesson that they teach online and use that as a prompt for studying the work of teaching and learning.

Yafit Shriki Megidish & Jenni Mangel
Feb 19, 2021 *Classroom Management

Online, in person, and in blended settings

Arnold Rotenberg
Mar 19, 2021 Teaching for Understanding Part III

Testing our tools

Participants will record a lesson that they teach online and use that as a prompt for studying the work of teaching and learning.

Yafit Shriki Megidish & Jenni Mangel
Apr 16, 2021 *Parents as Partners

Connecting the learning to home and beyond

Rabbi Lisa Levenberg
May 21, 2021 Reflective Practice and Next Steps Yafit Shriki Megidish & Jenni Mangel
Jun 18, 2021 Make up Date

Please save this date on the calendar in case there is a need to reschedule a session during the course of study.

Susan Morrel, MARE, RJE
Accommodating Diverse Learners – December 18, 2020

Susan Morrel is a Jewish educational leader with over 25 years of congregational education experience, as well as work in Jewish camps and organizations. She is the Senior Advisor and Director of Field Experiences in the Master of Education program at Hebrew College. In addition, Susan is a consultant for Gateways: Access to Jewish Education in which she coaches educators in providing special education support to enable students with diverse learning needs to succeed in Jewish learning and living. Susan is also a teacher-educator in Philosophical Inquiry in Jewish Education and Instructional Leadership who specializes in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Susan holds an Executive Master Degree in Religious Education from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR).

Jenni Mangel
Director of Professional Learning, Jewish LearningWorks

Jenni Mangel is an educator who believes passionately that Jewish education positively impacts the Jewish identity of children and their families.  Her work reflects a commitment to connect learning, community involvement, and leadership with personal and spiritual development.  She has worked with youth, teens, and adults in professional, academic, and extracurricular settings since 1993.

Over the years, she held a variety of leadership and educator positions at the Bureau of Jewish Education in San Francisco (BJE, now “Jewish Learning Works”), Berkeley Hillel, Jewish Vocational Service, Midrasha – East Bay Jewish Community High School, Mills College, San Francisco State University (SFSU), Jewish Milestones, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and Habonim Dror. Before (re)joining the team at Jewish LearningWorks in 2017, Jenni worked for 10 years as a coach and consultant to help individuals and organizations develop the capacity to effectively reach their professional and organizational goals.

Jenni holds a MA in Educational Leadership from Mills College in Oakland, CA (2006) where she focused on service learning as a tool for identity formation of college students.  Prior to that Jenni earned a BA in History with a Minor in Education from the University of California, Santa Cruz (1998) where her work centered around immigrant rights in France and multicultural education.

Arnold Rotenberg
Director of Congregational Jewish Living, Congregation Gates of Heaven

I am the Director of Congregational Jewish Living at Congregation Gates of Heaven in Schenectady, NY (upstate NY), a position that has grown to include the roles of Director of our Religious School, Adult Education, and programs throughout. I come with over 40 years’ experience in synagogue and day school education. Even with this, I am always a teacher at heart, modeling lifelong learning as an example to our students and teachers. My background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education from the University of Denver and a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Colorado in Denver. Learning is a part of my life. I have the same expectations for your children as I do mine—to see them excel and become engaged in Jewish life and become productive human beings. I invite you to join me on this journey.

Yafit Shriki-Megidish
Executive Director, Studio 70

Yafit Shriki-Megidish is a veteran educator with an MA in Educational Management Systems from Hebrew University and over 20 years experience in the field.

She began her career working with children from low income families and at risk youth. In 2001, she joined the “Branco Weiss Institute for Development of Thinking (BWI)” where she has worked to train teachers, develop programs for leadership and creative thinking, and implement pedagogy with children from the 2nd to 8th grade.

Before moving to the US, Yafit spent 10 years working at BWI schools (at Beit Hashomai). She started as a Hebrew literature teacher and a 7th grade coordinator. After 3 years she was appointed as the junior high principal. She kept on teaching all of those years, developed pedagogical programs and led pedagogical changes in school. She kept on training teachers and developing staff, and at the same time she kept on learning different things for her own development.

Yafit has wired at Studio 70 since 2016 and assumed the role of Executive Director in 2020. Yafit’s areas of expertise include Understanding by Design, Classroom management and teaching skills, visible thinking, Inquiry based learning and Senior Educational Leadership training, community building, Jewish and Israeli identity etc.