Harriet Rossetto, Douglas Rosen and Rabbi Joseph Shamash will engage with participants in an interactive discussion unpacking and exploring the major shift that we’ve collectively experienced as a result of the pandemic. On a personal and a global level everything we know and felt we could count on shifted quickly, and often nothing feels certain. For many, this experience highlights our sense of fragility and brokenness. Harriet, Doug and Rabbi Joseph will discuss the human response to such trauma, and draw parallels to the experience of those in recovery from addiction.

Join us for this important workshop where our speakers will share wisdom from the spiritual recovery program at Beit T’Shuvah that can be applied to life in the pandemic to help all of us perceive hope and possibility when all seems dark. Utilizing this wisdom, participants will be prepared to navigate the next phase of life as we know it.

Join us for this virtual workshop on Wednesday, December 16 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST. Program participation is $18; click here to register. https://www.tfaforms.com/4859313

About Beit T’Shuvah

Beit T’Shuvah is a residential addiction treatment center in West Los Angeles. Beit T’Shuvah’s mission is to heal broken souls and save the lives of those wrestling with addiction by providing integrated care in a community setting. We believe everyone has the right to redemption, which is why we never turn a single soul away due to their inability to pay.

Speaker Bios


Harriet Rossetto started Beit T’Shuvah over 30 years ago with a tremendous humanizing task: to help broken souls and change a broken system. Harriet’s belief that addiction is a malady of the soul requiring spiritual healing inspired her to create a thriving community that supports addicts of all kinds, wherever they are in life.. Her greatest reward is witnessing and participating in the miracle of transformation. Her view that everyone is capable of redemption is at the core of why she empowers the residents of Beit T’Shuvah with employment, hiring 90% of her staff from within. Today they are the lifeblood of the organization.

Today, Harriet is a sought-after speaker in synagogues and community groups worldwide. She received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Minnesota, and is now a trainer for the National Association of Social Workers, teaching classes about the treatment and philosophy of the “dis-ease” of addiction. Harriet is also an author of the book Sacred Housekeeping: a spiritual memoir.

The community has recognized Harriet’s perseverance, commitment and originality in sustaining this unique program. Harriet received the 1991 Alan Kassin award for professional achievement from the Jewish Communal Professionals. In 1991, Harriet received the Vision in Philanthropy Award.


Douglas Rosen is the Director of the Partners in Prevention, Beit T’Shuvah’s program that focuses on the response to addiction amongst today’s youth. Doug, a trained Marriage and Family Therapist from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, has dedicated his life to substance abuse education. He regularly speaks to national audiences of students, parents and educators about positive decision-making, pre-empting destructive choices, peer pressure, self-awareness and teen resilience. Formerly a Hollywood entrepreneur who dealt with his own addiction, Doug is a captivating speaker, personal mentor, licensed therapist and relatable teacher. His forward-thinking curriculum is in demand by schools and synagogues throughout the nation.


Rabbi Joseph Shamash is a Jewish Persian Cowboy. Born in Dallas, Texas to Iranian immigrants, Joseph currently serves as a Spiritual Counselor and Manager of the Elaine Breslow Institute at Beit T’Shuvah, a full-time Jewish residential treatment facility that fuses Jewish spirituality with the 12-steps, to help addicts in recovery live better lives. He is a trained Sofer, an award-winning filmmaker and avid meditator. Joseph lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Allie Peha Shamash, and their 2 wonderful children, Benjamin and Lucy.