We know that hiring and retaining Jewish educators and professionals can be a constant challenge, and that finding the right match in skills, character and culture often takes up more time and rigor than anyone would have imagined.

Representatives from Jewish Vocational ServicesJewish Family and Children’s Services, the Jewish Community Federation’s Early Childhood Department, and Jewish LearningWorks have teamed up this summer to support both job seekers and employers hiring for the fall and beyond. We are offering two events to help with the hiring challenge:

Summer Job Fair for the Jewish Non-Profit and Education Sector

A Networking and Recruiting Event for Employers and Job Seekers

Wednesday, August 17 at 7 pm

All job seekers and employers are invited to join us. We will facilitate introductions and assist connections between candidates and recruiters with job openings.

Finding Professionals for Our Jewish Community

A Talent Acquisition Learning Forum for Employers

Tuesday, July 19 at 7 pm | Virtual

If you are looking for new team members, we encourage you to join our forum to learn new talent sourcing strategies including current best practices around designing attractive job announcements, conducting interviews, reference checks, making job offers, and retaining a happy professional team.

At this session, we will also be introducing a Bay Area wide referral pipeline to assist in getting the right candidates to the right jobs in our evolving Jewish communal landscape.